Big Skandoe


Big Skandoe Born  in Watts Los Angeles California
ti would be best if we moved back home because they were getting older and needed help.
This is the moment that my character and personality were built.
Because it was at this moment I realized the importance of family.
My dad  was teaching me how to hold a note at the age of four.
Wow listening to Smokey Robinson the whispers Stevie wonder's Marvin Gaye and many others
By the age of 10 I was writing my own songs.
By age 19 I finished my first rap album.
Sign to Ruckus Records in 1994 album called J Kats Nothing to lose.
Away at this time I had accomplished serious features artists such as Candy Man S class Gonzo from caution
Since that I have worked with Ice T, Rakim B Real Hussein Fatal RedRum
Shade Shiest Nune Dog Nitty Black Maximo Eddie Kane Prince Jahid 
Red Man Runt Dawg Rock D 
Outthere Drift Sinister, O D
O.F.T.B. Chico&Cool Wadda
Parolee , BeatNecks ,OP1,C3
RockNess Monster of Helter-skelter
Treach of Naughty by Nature
Kat Williams Certified Outfit 


New Single from Big Skandoe Coming Soon.

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