The hard streets of Los Angeles made her a Diamond in the rough, but the late Eric “Eazy E” Wright polished her into a fine gem of perpetual brilliance. Diamond is a member of the late Eazy E’s female gangster rap group called Ganksta Bytch Mentality or GBM. During the interview I had with Diamond she shared with me her truths, her life, her dreams, her aspirations, and inspirations. Unlike a handful of females in the industry Diamond used her street credits and hood mentality to propel into her success as a female MC, actress, stunt woman, an all around business hustler. In this article you will learn about the woman who worked close and was taught by the creator and master mind behind the group NWA and Ruthless Records.

Diamond’s beginning started when she used to be a break dancer years ago before meeting Eazy E. “It was years ago when I started rapping. I was a break dancer and I used to be out in the streets gang banging. I ran into my home girl MC Trouble who is also resting in peace, she was like “Diamond you need to start rapping”. I started hanging with MC Trouble and I got to rapping, and eventually I met up with my home girl Peaches who now goes by the name Sylk E Fyne (also a member of GBM) and we started rapping. I used to break dance doing windmills, head spins, and all that crazy shit. I had broken my leg doing all that shit….That’s why they called it break dancing because you will break your shit”.