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RELEASES TO Urban Alliance Entertainment

keep all your streaming stats and playlist information



    Your audio and video files.
  1. ISRCs
    The unique track codes from your single or album. If you need help retrieving these please contact us via your artist dashboard or visit our handy ISRC finder here.
  1. Create an account with Urban Alliance Entertainment (if you haven't done so already!)
  2. Click the 'Create New Release' tile in the artist dashboard.
  3. Choose the 're-release of an existing single/album' option
  4. When adding your tracks, select the option to enter your existing ISRC. Ensure you do this for EVERY track. This is how the tracks will link on Spotify and your streaming count will merge across
  5. Submit your release and we'll do the rest!
  1. To ensure your stream counts merge to the Urban Alliance Entertainment versions, ensure that your new release is delivered and live for 48hrs prior to issuing a takedown with your old distributor. If you click into the album page on Spotify desktop, look for the '1 More Release' icon which indicates that the 2 releaes have successfully merged. (Note this can take 48hrs).
  2. When you see this symbol, send a request to your previous distributor to remove their version from all online stores;
    • Tunecore - click here
    • CD Baby - click here
    • Distrokid - click on the 'Remove my music from all stores' button after you click into your product
    • DITTO - go to your release and click on 'Takedown' button


Artist Release Checklist


So, you’re just about to release your song. Good on you! Here’s a few handy tips we’ve put together. You don’t have to follow this list line by line and you might have a completely different timeline in mind. Remember, MANY artists do things differently and in a different order (you do you!) but it’s a handy checklist of things you could do that will help make it really POP!SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS OUT

  • ASSETS ASSETS ASSETS. As well as your mixed and mastered song, make sure you have all your assets ready to go and a timeline mapped out. This includes:
  • A new press image. This will be your ‘hero’ image for the single campaign and posted across all your social media platforms, included on your bio and in your press release.
  • Single/ EP/ album artwork. We can help with this if you’re stuck for a designer - let us know at
  • Create a shareable online drive on Dropbox or Google Drive. Put your bio, press image, lyrics, WAV and MP3 files in there.
  • Upload and create ‘private’ Soundcloud link for your track to share with selected people before it’s released
  • Create and format an updated bio for your project.
  • Create any additional social media material e.g. cover images for the different platforms you use / event page headers if you're announcing a tour/ tour poster
  • Put together a list of social media content you will aim to put out over the course of your campaign. You might like to do up a schedule of when you are going to post as well.
  • An idea of the ‘message’ you want to convey about this new piece of work you have created. What are the themes? What do the lyrics mean to you that you want people to know about?
  • Create a simple website and set up a professional email newsletter online software so you can email your fans directly. We recommend using Squarespace or Music Glue or Wix for your website and Mailchimp to email fans.
  • If you’ve got a brand new project, set up your artist social media accounts. Invite your friends to your page and begin gathering followers. In our opinion, the essential accounts to have are YouTube (your channel needs to be pimped out!) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Try to make your username and branding uniform across all platforms – that way, it will be easier to find you across multiple channels.
  • Put together a list of social media content you will aim to put out over the course of your campaign. You might like to do up a schedule of when you are going to post as well.
  • For twitter, facebook and Instagram we recommend using Hootsuite or In as little as one hour you can schedule a week’s worth of posts.
  • If you’re already established on social media, let people know you’re working on something new.


  • By this point, you really need to have decided on a concrete release day. You will need to upload your music so it’s delivered to stores in time for release day. Allow a minimum of 10 days for this process – more if you can. We can deliver your song to online stores for you and also transfer your existing catalogue across. Find out more HERE. If you've already submitted and made a mistake, you can contact support through your artist dashboard.
  • Register your tracks with your chosen performance and mechanical rights organisation in your territory. You’ll need your ISRC code for this - it's an internationally recognised tracking code for music. You will be issued one when you upload your music to Urban Alliance Entertainment if you need one.
  • You can look up some potential blogs and playlists by visiting Submithub or Groover. You might want to try to lock in a premiere for your track at this time, and contact any other press contacts you have to get coverage for the song.
  • This is a really good time to pitch your track for editorial playlists via the Spotify for Artists pitching tool. If you're a new artist and you don't have a Spotify for Artist's account yet, ask your distributor for a link so you can gain access.
  • Begin reaching out to a few key blogs and radio shows to let them know your release date and ask for feedback. Send them some quick dot point info about you and your single (no more than five dot points) and your release date and link them to a private soundcloud streaming link, your bio and press image. It’s best to link them to the Google Drive or Dropbox folder you made earlier. Large attachments can get lost.
  • This is a good time to market your Spotify pre-save and share it on your channels. We'll send you one for Free!!.


  • It’s almost time! Time to get your fans excited! Tease the release date with a post on your social media channels. If there’s a video, you might like to share a snippet from it. Or you might like to share a story about the track or the single/ album artwork.
  • When you see this icon, you can now request takedown/removal of your release with your previous distributor.
  • During this week you could change your profile picture to your new press image across your social media platforms..
  • Update your website and all online profiles with any recent bios and pictures. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook 'about' page, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok.
  • Tease the upcoming song through your socials each day and try to get as many presaves as possible.
  • During this week you could change your profile picture to your new press image across your social media platforms..
  • During this week you could change your profile picture to your new press image across your social media platforms..


  • If you have secured a premiere for your track/ EP/ album online or on the radio, it would be ideal for it to land either the day before or only a few days out from the wider release of your track.
  • On the day of your premiere, make sure you give a shout out to the media outlet who ran it across your social media networks and say thanks.


  • Your smartURL will rescan on release day and provide links to all major streaming platforms.
  • Post your track EVERYwhere you can think of. On your socials and elsewhere. If you have a database of fan emails, you might want to email them with the new song..
  • Log onto submithub and send your track out to a few blogs and playlists you think might like it.
  • Change over your facebook cover image to reflect the new release
  • Tease the upcoming song through your socials each day and try to get as many presaves as possible.
  • Register your lyrics on - you can also apply to become a verified artist on
  • Plus, we recommend also registering your lyrics on Musixmatch - this is the site that pulls lyrics for instagram stories.
  • Can you think of a fun TikTok video idea for your song?


  • Make sure you are pushing for people to engage with your Spotify profile. Especially the 'follow' button. This needs to happen the week leading up to and the week following your release.
  • Sign up for Spotify for Artists and Apple for Artists and check if you have been added to any playlists. If you have, share the good news on social media.
  • Make your new release a ‘priority track’ on Spotify. You can do this via your Spotify for Artists page and update your Spotify profile pic.
  • Keep an eye on your socials. Be sure to thank as many people as you can who engage with your track
  • Update your profile and lyrics on all the platforms that you possibly can.
  • Gather up a ‘bragging’ sheet for your project. Choose your best ‘wins’ and compile them into a document. These could be triple j Unearthed reviews, notable radio plays, media quotes, info about playlists you have been on or other notable things you’ve done. Use this as a tool for when you contact other industry professionals about your music such as booking agents, managers and publishers.

Artist Profiles A-Z


A strong digital profile is the single most effective way to get your music heard by as many people as possible globally. The internet has made it easy for artists to develop direct relationships with their fans worldwide, however, not all musicians use their online presence to their full advantage.

You never know who could be looking at your profile, whether that be editorial or playlist teams, music publicists, labels or booking agents. A strong online presence can only advantage you, and the more up to date information you have out there, the better chance you have of getting a breakthrough.

Even if you have only released one or two singles, having something is better than having nothing at all. Most musicians will have a Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud account, but signing up to less-known services as well can increase your reach. 

Keen to start? Here’s how you do it, for streaming services from A-Z!


Sign up at to set up your artist profile. From there, you can directly upload your tracks for sale. From the artist dashboard, you can easily manage your channels, organise catalogues, publish your latest releases and send live updates to fans. Check out your stats in the analytics tab for information on the age, gender and location of your listeners, as well as your top songs and fans. 





Amazon Music has recently launched a mobile app and desktop website for artists to track the success of their tracks on the platform and recieve insights on their Fan and SuperFan audience segments. You can also find out how many people are asking for your music using their Alexa devices! The app is available globally and on both Andriod and iOS operating systems so go on, download it and claim your artist profile. 


Be sure to register at first, so you can gain insights into your listeners, like where in the world your fans are based, as well as playlist stats. The site can also tell you how many times your track has been shazamed, and how many people are listening to your music over time. Distribution services (like US!) can now update your profile on Apple Music for you. From 23/01/20, Shazam for Artists will be moving over to Apple Music, and operated from the same dashboard. 



Deezer have a back end service portal called Deezer Backstage.

You can request access to see your analytics. And once you're in the below things are what you can add to your profile to jazz it up.

  • 1 squared artist profile image 800x800 in jpeg or png
  • Artist biography in 100-200 words that explains what your music is all about
  • Facebook, Twitter and official website links


Genius is a place where fans and artists can share their stories behind the music. It’s where Spotify gets this information from when you listen through the app. Want to be a part of it?

Get your music verified at Once approved, you can share your lyrics, hidden meanings and stories behind your music, and even reach out to fans who have started collecting the information on the site on your behalf. 



Netease is the biggest platform in China for Western music. Here’s a link to an extensive rundown of the service and how you can make the most of it. 

It’s an extremely social platform and provides quite a few tools to engage with fans. Fanconnect is the best way to update your profile and make announcements on the platform. You can access fanconnect here or at


You know when people have lyrics that come up on insta stories? That info is pulled from Musixmatch which is why it’s super important to have your lyrics up to date on here. Visit and get those lyrics up stat!



Pandora offers a unique feature in their artist profiling system where you can record your own voice messages and have them displayed alongside your tracks. It's a pretty popular service in America so if you stream well there on other platforms it could be worth making sure you're engaging with this one too. This adds a nice personal touch that could be useful for promoting your latest release or upcoming shows in a creative way. Sign up at to get started! 


The big cheese! Register for your artist profile at and await verification. Once your profile’s been approved, get ready to set it up! You need to include a biography, a photo and a cover photo. It’s especially important to include the photos on Spotify because sometimes the service sends emails to your fans to let them know about upcoming tours and releases, but they only do this for artists who have uploaded photos. Spotify also has another handy feature when you write or edit your bio - it allows you to tag artists/playlists/songs/albums as direct links. Always link to your social media platforms from Spotify too. 



Email with a bio, social media links, two press photos, and the URL to your Tidal artist profile.


YouTube is the premium platform for music videos. It offers useful stats like views by city and play counts. This is ONLY available to artists who distribute thier music withUrban Alliance Entertainment. We cannot request updates to accounts distributed by other aggregators.

New Releases end up on a 'Topic' channel, unless you have successfullty applied for an Offical Artists Channel (you need a minumum of 3 delivered releases to apply, see here. for details). If you think you meet these requirements we can help you apply for an OAC on your behalf. Email:

Please be aware we can't guarantee you'll be accepted to their program. We also suggest that you be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which you can read more about here.