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Artists, Managers, Labels and Producers will learn where to monetize, track and shop music placements to generate royalties.



This PDF contains the Resources Necessary to Registering an Artist's and Producer's Music to the correct agencies to maximize eligibility and their songs ability to generate revenue.


You'll gain access to:

✓Copyright Information

✓Royalty Information

✓Radio Submission Portal

✓Music Video TV Placements

✓ Sample Clearance

✓Lyric Syncing Information

✓Where to get sync placements

...and more!


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Give your artists the same marketing technology solutions and online presence as the major labels.



The next era of the music we love will come from those musicians who are able to perform and want to embrace their fans. It’s not just about looking good after editing and post-production anymore. This is why we are doing this. To find you — the musicians that bleed the soul of the sounds you create! We come to you with studio-quality gear, cables, and mics to capture the essence of your live show. Technology gives us the ability to bring the sound of million-dollar consoles to you. We can help you shape your sound while capturing the highest fidelity audio of your live performance. It’s not just the great new demo reel content you have for your EPK; it's also about what we are going to do with it to take your music business to the next level!



We Analyze How You Do Things. Then We Help You Make Life Easier!

Taking on marketing technology is like learning how to play an instrument. We can play this instrument, and we can help you learn how to play it better you need us to. Either way, in addition to all the services we are integrating into your mobile app, we will also support you along the way so you can get more out of your music business. We don’t just create the new media and interactive content campaigns to engage your fans; we use the content experience within your app to help you learn who your fans are, while you centralize where your fans buy your music, tickets, and merchandise. Everything we make with you, we leverage to help you take the next step in your music marketing while, most importantly, connecting with your fans in new ways! Learn where you are now, and where we can go next!


Music Marketing Resources


Use these free music marketing resources to help you learn, manage (or know how to ask for the right help), and improve your music marketing results. These improvements mean more music sales, more fans, better and evolving fan engagement, selling more tickets to shows, and selling more merchandise — all on your own! No need to break anything off for anyone, anymore. Music is back in the hands of the musicians.


The fans are why the music industry exists. The fans are why musicians dedicate their lives to making and sharing their music. As technology has evolved, the big labels have lost their control over where fans can find, enjoy, and purchase the music they want to hear. The radio used to be the only channel to broadcast music. Now with the Internet, we have instant access to just about anything at any time. Technology now allows musicians and fans to create their own vehicles for music exchange. This is where the evolution of using mobile apps to redifine how musicians and fans interact begins. By using a mobile app to centralize the business of your music for your fans, you open up new channels for the music experience.


Creating New Media Experiences It’s all about using high-quality interactive content that will engage your audience and allow them to be a part of everything while being able to provide invaluable feedback, opinions, and ideas! Our services go beyond building an app. We also create great new audio and video content that will take the experience of your app to an entirely new level!


GIVE THEM YOUR SOUND! YOUR VIBE! YOUR WAY! We bring studio-quality equipment that gives your music the sound of the million-dollar consoles. We capture the essence of your live performance. This audio becomes invaluable for content you can share with fans, promoters, venues, and labels