Female rapper Sylk E. Fyne has been checking the rhymes since her early high school days, refraining from her rough west side neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Determined to make it real, Sylk E. Fyne beat the odds by earning a college degree and joining forces with some of hip-hop's biggest names. She cut lyrics for Too $hortEazy-E, and Tupac Shakur, and toured with Bone, Thugs 'N Harmony. Thanks to such experience, her skills were perfectly honed in order for Sylk E. Fyne to mastermind her 1998 debut, Raw Sylk, on RCA. She may be cast in the middle of the bad boys of rap, but Fyne established the fact that she too is as nasty as she wants to be, and sultry too. She got dangerous once again on her sophomore effort.