X-KHAN, an artist from Ruthless Row Records Inc  & Urban Alliance Entertainment LLC, X is a official 2nd generation outlaw, 1/2 of the newest real artist to hit the scenes, as a LowLife Desperado, along with Pistola, We are coming to continue the work of the late great Tupac Shakur, with the support an official endorsement from the Outlawz, Truthabouttupac, and Tupac Shakur's family, we as LOWLIFE DESPERADOS come to teach, educate, and represent the have nots in society that have been tied in knots, I was blessed to channel enmense energy by doing songs with Tupacs chosen, including the late Hussien Fatal, was the last artist to have a session with him at Treesound Studios!! I also recorded with Young NOBLE and EDI AMIN!!! These Legends have given me support an are ready to pass the torch to the New breed of rappers handpicked to represent the NuMuvement. I have been chosen as The Spokesperson, an the heart of the group, I lived on both coasts and was born in Bridgeport CT, grew up in New Jersey, and loved an adored in LA!!! As a member of THUGLIFE we represent the have nots that are tied in knots, we coming to teach, educate, and motivate the masses thru music!!! We need new leaders, and X-KHAN is not afraid to step up 2 the plate!!! Get behind me, I'm Comin...X-KHAN My Spotify is XKHAN new music coming soon 2 a hood near u....X